30 December 2019

Pallavi Upadhyay

Pallavi Upadhyay is an editorial freelancer with almost 10 years of experience in the copyediting, developmental editing and publishing world. Currently, she is associated with Translmed Team as a copyeditor, developmental editor, and an editing advisor. In addition, here at Translmed, she is in the process of preparing and organizing a workshop and a few webinars for copyediting and scientific writing that will prove to be especially helpful for the researchers that are non-native speakers. As a copyeditor, she has extensive experience in hardcopy as well as softcopy copyediting (MS office, LaTex, XML, etc.). She is proficient with copyediting and reference styling as per APA, AMA, ACS, CMS manual guidelines. Although she has been specifically trained in STM (science/technical/mathematical) copyediting, she has copyedited articles and book chapters related to humanities, social sciences, fiction and non-fiction. Back in India, at Thomson Digital, she exclusively dealt with the copyediting and proofreading of manuscripts to be published by Elsevier (The Netherlands) and at Aptara Corp., she handled a number of clients including, among others, Wiley (USA), Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (USA), Taylor and Francis (USA), Blackwell (UK/USA), Cambridge University Press. In addition to research articles, she has copyedited a number of book editions along with preparing their style sheets. She has also helped design and develop new copyediting software for copyediting.

List of some selected journals she has worked for as a copyeditor:

Advanced Critical Care, American Journal of clinical oncology, Alzheimer’s Care Quarterly,|
Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, Advances in Nursing Science, Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, Family & Community Health — Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Journal of the Textile Institute — Taylor and Francis.

Acta Ecological Sinica, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Plant Science, Journal of Plant Physiology, Current Advances in Plant Science, Current Opinion in Plant Biology – Elsevier.

In addition, she has copyedited a number of book editions, chapters for various publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Sage, Blackwell, Wiley, etc.