TPG wspiera finansowo projekt Ochrona lasu w Amazonii

Przyłącz się z nami do walki o ochronę lasów w Amazonii. Wspierając the Amazon Conservation Team ( przyczyniasz się do ochrony lasu, ochrony naszej przyszłości.

Here are some ways you can aid in protecting the forest:

– Plant the tree.
– Donate to Rainforest Action Network to protect an acre of the Amazonian rainforest.
– Donate to the Rainforest Trust to help buy land in the rainforest. Since 1988, the organization has saved over 23 million acres.
– Reduce your paper and wood consumption.
– Reduce your beef intake. Beef found in processed products and fast-food burgers is often linked to deforestation.
– The World Wide Fund for Nature (known as the World Wildlife Fund in the US and Canada) works to protect the species in the Amazon and around the world.
– is a search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches you run.
– Explore petitions. A lawyer in Rio Branco has accumulated over 3 million signatures to mobilize an investigation into the Amazonian fires.
– Donate to Amazon Watch, an organization that protects the rainforest, defends Indigenous rights and works to address climate change.
– Donate to the Amazon Conservation Team, which works to fight climate change, protect the Amazon and empower Indigenous peoples. Amazon Conservation accepts donations and lists exactly what your money goes toward. You can help plant trees, sponsor education, protect habitats, buy a solar panel, preserve Indigenous lands and more.
– Donate to One Tree Planted, which works to stop deforestation around the world and in the Amazon Rainforest. One Tree Planted will keep you updated on the Peru Project and the impact your trees are having on the community.
– Sign Greenpeace’s petition telling the Brazilian government to save the Amazon rainforest and protect the lands of indigenous and traditional communities.


“Earth Alliance was created last month by DiCaprio and philanthropists Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth. On Sunday, it launched the Amazon Forest Fund in an announcement on their website. The alliance is also seeking donations to help repair the Brazilian rainforest, called the “lungs of the planet.”