30 December 2019

Karl Bernhardt

Karl has been a language teacher and researcher for over 20 years and has taught at universities in the UK, Sweden, Poland and Russia. Currently, he is a Research Fellow in the Department of English, University of Buckingham, UK, where he co-edits the Buckingham Journal of Language and Linguistics. Karl is also co-editor of two monograph series published by Peter Lang Academic Publishers, Oxford: Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics, and Studies in Historical Linguistics. Karl obtained BSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine, MA (hons) in German,  MA in Applied Linguistics and MPhil in Germanic Linguistics. He is a professional member of ciep (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading).

Karl is based in Wroclaw, Poland; however, his work as a language consultant with Trinity College London frequently takes him to Italy and Spain.